The Greatest Infomercials of All Time


There are some infomercials that just stick with you. We’ve all been there, late at night watching the greatest pitch men and their innovative products. From Billy Mays to George Foreman, they resonated with America and consumers around the globe. Below, we’ve compiled our 7 favorite and most memorable infomercials of all time.

1. Ginsu Knives – This infomercial was the pivotal point in the career of spokesperson and King of the Infomercial, Kevin Harrington. He met him at a home industry show doing incredible presentations with his knife, and the rest is history. The infomercial was so successful because it really showed you the product in action. Cutting through coke cans, slicing paper thin bread, and much more.

2. George Foreman Grill – This infomercial was able to capitalize on so many things that appeal to consumers. It was health conscious, made cooking easier, and had a top-knotch spokesperson in the two-time heavyweight champion, George Foreman.

3. OxiClean – Billy Mays is known as one of the greatest pitchmen of all time. Who doesn’t remember watching those stains just disappear after he used OxiClean? Two decades later, the product still exists in stores nearly everywhere.

4. The Snuggie – This one was selected for how silly and over the top it was. It was basically a blanket with two holes, but America loved it. We all need to be comfortable sometimes!

5. The Clapper – This product was once high-technology… the clapper. It would turn off your lamps or other devices with just a clap of your hands. Alexa and other personal assistants make this all but obsolete, but the “clap on, clap off” slogan won’t be forgotten any time soon.

6. ThighMaster – In the 90s, women everywhere wanted to look like Susanne Somers. Her infomercial selling a resistance exercise machine for your thighs was wildly successful. She even purchased a home she dubbed the “Thighmaster Mansion.”

7. Showtime Rotisserie and BBQ – This Rotisserie machine had the famous slogan just “set it and forget it!” The phrase was great because it emphasized how easy the product was to use.

What do these infomercials all have in common? They all appeal to aspirational lifestyles. They tell you if you use these products you will be healthier, more efficient, cleaner, and even more relaxed. Additionally, as Kevin Harrington once mentioned, the greatest products have a demonstrable benefit.

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