Harrison Forbes Selects Meowijuana for Summer Tour

Playful Cat

Harrison Forbes, celebrity pet expert, recently announced that Meowijuana has been selected to be a part of this year’s bus tour showcase. The Kansas City based company was launched in 2015 and has since become quite a hit among pet lovers. According to their website the catnip company offers “the utmost quality, pet-safe, organic catnip you will find on the market today”. Harrison, who was the host of the show “Pet Talk” discovered their product as a result of their drtv campaign with AsSeenOnTV.pro with Kevin Harrington, and knew right away that cat lovers would love it.

The 2017 Spring and Summer Bus will stop at 25 locations across the US and Canada at pet-centric and large consumer events such as Indy 500 races and music festivals including Bonnaroo. On the tour, Harrison Forbes will host contests, sign books, and showcase product demonstrations of Meowijuana. In an interview with Pet Age, Harrison Forbes said “I am excited to have Meowijuana as a part of my 2017 tour; it’s a great quality product and cats everywhere are going to be hooked.”

The Aseenontv.pro team is thrilled with Meowijuana’s success and the publicity the tour will bring. CEO of Asseenontv.pro Doug Scott said “It is exciting it to have a platform that affords young companies an opportunity to have the guidance and tools needed to build their brand equity. Introducing the founders of Meowijuana to our prestigious Advisory Board, including Harrison Forbes, was a catalyst for some of the incredible strides the company is now embarking upon. It’s great to be a part of their growth”.

The partnership between Harrison Forbes and Meowijuana – A Catnip Company has been phenomenal! His knowledge of, and connections in the Pet Industry have allowed us to reach industry leaders with credibility, and at much quicker pace than we could have achieved on our own. The value he and his team brings to Meowijuana is immeasurable. We look forward to the continuation of the 2017 Bus Tour and the partnership between our two companies. – Chris Glissman, Founder – Meowijuana LLC

To learn more about meowijuana and their products for pets visit www.meowijuana.com and for more information about DRTV campaigns with Asseenontv.pro visit www.aseenontv.pro.