The Infamous One-Sheet : A Must-Have for Every Product and Service


Do you want to highlight your business’s products or services but aren’t sure where to start? If you want a concise piece to share your key selling points, your business needs a one-sheet! A one sheet is typically kept to a high-level overview and can be used much like a brochure, but is a more modern and digital friendly version. A “one-sheet” is also often referred to as a one-pager or executive summary and is used for prospecting. Prospective customers and investors can be emailed the sheet that they can then easily print and share with other interested parties.

A One-Sheet is Critical
Investors may or may not remember the details of your elevator pitch or phone call, but a one-sheet gives them the opportunity to review the information on their own time. If you bog down investors or customers with a 30-page document, you may lose their interest or overwhelm them. Creating a one sheet also forces you and your team to consider what your core business offering is. In addition to being a great sales piece, it can also be used as a training piece for new employees and the marketing team.

What Makes a Great One-Sheet
· Highlights your product’s best features

· Is professionally designed and aesthetically pleasing

· Stays focused and succinct

· Contains catchy and informative content

· Fits on one sheet (obviously!!!)

· Prints well

· Has a strong call to action and contact info for follow through!

Where and How to Use It
· Upload to Your Website for Easy Sharing

· Share with New Business Opportunities

· Bring to Trade Shows or Events

· Use it in the beginning of reports or proposals as a quick overview

· As a guideline for yourself when you are reaching out to a prospective client

· As a preliminary tool before creating a business plan

Final Thoughts
While a one-sheet might not be the first thing that comes to mind as a marketing tool, it will prove an invaluable asset once completed. Boiling down your business to one sheet of paper may prove to be challenge, it will be worth the effort. If you are interested in marketing your product, contact and we will gladly assist you along the way!