Is the Infomercial Dead?

Is the Infomercial Dead

The answer is a resounding no.

Although the concept is almost seventy years old, the numbers reflect that the industry is not only alive but thriving. Having matured beyond its initial identity, DRTV or Direct Response Television has proven to be a highly effective means of not only launching, but sustaining product marketing.

The concept is as ingenious as it is effective. Once the means for unknowns to effectively reach the masses, DRTV has attracted even the major brands as they recognize a cost-effective marketing tool that allows them to leverage a time-tested progression towards purchase. When you identify a need, add in the power of an endorsement and a clear and persuasive call to action, the resulting success is easily measurable.

“Success isn’t built overnight. Most products and services build a successful model with a media test first and then they expand over time.”
Doug Scott, Executive Producer of

What began as a way to market relatively unknown products in the late night or early morning hours is now a multi-billion-dollar industry that has developed and matured into a recognized powerhouse of marketing. DRTV leverages the attachment we have to a rag to riches story as we just naturally cheer for the underdog. In garages and on dining room tables across America, inventors are developing products to meet their own needs and then sharing their solutions with family, friends, neighbors and through the power of DRTV, the country.

Through leveraging the power of storytelling, DRTV presents the problem, solution and call to action in an easy to understand format that prompts immediate action. By echoing the decision cycle found in word of mouth testimonies, infomercials harness the power of referral and have the potential to propel products to unimaginable success.

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