Kevin Harrington’s Top Five Gifts for The Holidays

Christmas Gifts

Are you having trouble with a few picky people on your list this holiday season? Kevin Harrington has you covered! He picked the Top Ten Gifts for 2017 that are sure to bring plenty of smiles this Christmas. The best thing about shopping in 2017, or any year in recent memory, is that it’s simple and often more cost effective to do your gift shopping online. With plenty of selection and what is essentially the world’s largest shopping mall at your fingertips, you can find perfect gifts for friends, colleagues, and your loved ones.


An Online Pajama Specialty Store at Pajamagram


PajamagramDesigner pajamas are a perfect gift for families, teens, and children. While pajamas can sometimes be drab and purely function over form, the eye catching designs at Pajamagram offer something unique that make them perfect for holiday gifts. Available in themed sets or in individual designs, the products here are made from high quality materials that people will love to wear. Take a look at the unique Hoodie-Footie for an innovative onesie with modern and classic designs that are perfect for the winter months.


Winter Footwear at Bearpaw


Bear Paw Bearpaw is another great option for holiday gifts, with a range of custom designed footwear in styles ranging from home slippers, to outdoor lace-ups for work, everyday wear, or even hiking. Bearpaw is a growing brand that offers a mixture of classic designs as well as contemporary interpretations of them. The waterproof collections from Bearpaw are both fashion forward and comfortable, and can be the perfect gift for someone special who would love to look great on their next adventure.


Quarterhole is a Quirky Party Game, Perfect for a Holiday Gift


QuarterholeQuarterhole is a simple tabletop game with a concept that anyone can quickly understand. Bouncing quarters into a small hole on a decorated wooden board takes seconds to learn, and it’s perfect for parties and adults who are into things that are a little bit out of the ordinary.


There are other similar game concepts like Quarterhole, but none of them feature craftsmanship that can only come from a handmade product. Anyone from kids to adults can get in on the fun, and the game can be carried anywhere. Quarterhole offers a number of exciting board designs and can even customize boards with a design or photo, making them ideal for personalized holiday gifts.


Vaya Designer Lunchboxes


Vaya lunchbox A bland lunchbox will never make packed lunches fun, which is why Vaya designed the Tyffyn insulated lunchbox. Taking inspiration from the Japanese bento, the Vaya has a compartmentalized design that is leak-proof, insulated, and incredibly compact considering the volume of the container. With Tyffyn it is possible to keep food at the perfect eating temperature for around five hours, making them ideal for professionals and students.


What makes these lunchboxes great gifts, is the custom designs that can be chosen. Whether it’s the minimalistic black or graphite, maple wood design, or even a Cheetah print finish, there’s a Vaya Tyffyn to suit any personality.


Duke Cannon for Soap That Isn’t Boring


Duke Cannon SoapWhat do you buy for the guy that has everything? Soap might not seem like the most exciting gift, but the Duke Cannon Supply Co. could change your mind with the designer soaps and cosmetic products that have been designed specifically for men. Soap infused with the aroma of American Lager or even Bourbon will give a shower experience like no other. The products at Duke Cannon aren’t just about providing a novelty gimmick. Premium skincare ingredients like Aloe Vera, Shea Butter, and other natural oils are used for both cleansing and moisturizing. Duke Cannon has a versatile range of gift items beyond soap, such as cologne balms, shaving gel, and hair products.


Your holiday shopping will be easier with Kevin Harrington’s gift ideas that go beyond the traditional stocking stuffers, and you’ll be able to give items that your friends and family will love to receive.