Lenovie/Lenogen Success Story

Lenovie Testimonial Post

To: AsSeenOnTV.pro
Lisa Vrancken, VP

Dear Lisa,

We want to thank you, Kevin Harrington and the AsSeenOnTV.pro Staff for everything you have done for our business. We appreciate the quality of work that AsSeenOnTV.pro has done for us over the past few months. Our commercial Looks great and turned out to be an amazing learning experience on how to build our brand “Lenogen”.

When AsSeenOnTV.pro contacted us we immediately recognized the name Kevin Harrington as an original Shark from Shark Tank, and his interest in investing in new ideas and helping entrepreneurs succeed. Based on that we decided to partner and attend the Innovator`s Think Tank in January 2020. We were very excited to meet all the advisory board members. Most importantly, we were grateful to be introduced to key retail distributors in health and wellness in the US. We’re currently exploring our retail options with one of the advisory board members and look forward to growing our geographic footprint in the U.S.

Any contact that we have had with your company has always been handled in a professional manner. Simply put, it has been a pleasure to do business with you and we look forward to a continued professional relationship.


Eman Miqdadi

Founder and CEO Lenovie, LLC
2000 East Lamar Blvd, Suite 600,
Arlington,Texas 76006