Look Good, Feel Good, and Stay Safe In & Out of the Home

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Maintaining your health can be a full-time job. Working to look good, feel good, as well as guard your safety can sometimes be overwhelming. If it all seems like a chore lately, consider one (or all!) of these products to efficiently and effectively, improve your quality of life. These products are Kevin Harrington’s Top 10 Picks!

David Chialstri, a Product Manager at AsSeenOnTV.pro (ASONTV) shares, “I can tell you that we feature genius products in many different categories and the brilliant self-care products are my favorite. These items can really make a difference in your life-they remind us to care for ourselves, so you can look and feel great at the same time.” Read on, to see how incredible and popular these items are!


The Cat’s Meow CBD

The Cat’s Meow CBD originates out of Texas and is Healthcare professional owned with their own personal experience in chronic pain. The company’s mission is to bring to light the amazing benefits of CBD for the WHOLE family, including our pets. The company only believes in using superior quality ingredients and CBD for their wellness, beauty and pet line.

Welby Street Press/Trim Healthy Mama

Forget the fads! Choose the sane and steady path to a slim waistline and better health. You can find food joy and freedom without having to ditch carbs, shun fats or obsessively count calories. Read how in their guide!

The Nutra Company/FastBlast Products

FastBlast products are an easy way to support healthy eating and weight loss. Created to fill in nutritional gaps, this range of supplements is made from whole foods. These products support intermittent fasting, while curbing a sweet tooth.


The first chronobiological regimen that offers broad-spectrum support for healthy aging, based on Eastern and Western sources. ResverChron is a well-balanced combination of vitamins, minerals, nutrients and plant substances for supporting our health and whole body system.

Gx Pillows

A good night’s sleep starts with a GX Pillow – thanks to a unique invention called, “GX Suspension Pillow.” The challenge was, “how do you prevent a squashable filling from markedly flattening under weight?” The company’s answer was ingenious – build the pillow with double X internal ties to ensure the pillow stays plump and comfortable.

Airplane Pockets

Help protect yourself from the Coronavirus while flying with Airplane Pockets! A stretchable cover for airline tray tables with 4 expandable pockets – provides a clean surface to eat and work on, while keeping your personal belongings organized.

Mito Corporation/Splitsecnd

What if you could be in the car with your new teenage driver? Or with your elderly parents? Splitsecnd is an easily used immediate response system. This plug-in system allows drivers new or old to connect with emergency services, a personal contact and more, allowing for peace of mind.


Is a unique creation meant to combat the unfortunate reality of today’s world. The incidence of random, aggressive attacks is increasing, and ArmorMe wants you to be prepared. This lightweight backpack is a discreet and stylish way to protect from handgun attacks. Made of eco-friendly materials, ArmorMe is easily transformed into a protection jacket.

Spectrum Custom MFG/Quick Clean Sink Trap

Quick Clean Sink Trap provides a DIY, “No-Tool” solution to cleaning, recovering lost valuables, and maintaining your sinks and drains. Easy to install and a Must-Have in every home!

Fuse CBD

No need to have any worries when using these CBD products. Fuse CBD takes pride in giving their customers the user experience with a Hemp-based product line that is safe and sustainable with 100% natural CBD products. 100% organically grown in the USA, Non-GMO and 100% THC free, Fuse CBD products are of the highest quality and promote health for every lifestyle. Live harmoniously with Fuse CBD.

When asked Jon Stults, also a Product Manager at ASONTV, spoke highly of the peace of mind these products provide. He was quoted as saying “More than ever, people are traveling the world. I really believe we can never be too safe and that quality safety products can provide the assurances we seek. That’s why we feature the best quality safety products in our campaign. These innovative products can help you prepare for any situation, in and out of the home.”