Your scheduling fee includes the costs of producing and airing celebrity hosted DRTV spots. Partnering with Kevin Harrington and us affords a unique opportunity for an accurate and informative message about your product or service to be presented on targeted networks, in targeted markets, at popular viewing times, without needing to have Madison Avenue sized budgets. In order to properly analyze the return on investment and value equation this opportunity affords, it is important to factor-in what would be the costs of all of the pre-production, creative development, travel, camera-work, on-air talent, editing, and post production involved in producing high broadcast quality television spots, along with the involvement of a celebrity spokesperson like Kevin Harrington. DRTV production costs ranging from $50,000 to much more are not uncommon in the industry. That is the main reason why this opportunity amounts to a tremendous value equation, even before the spots begin broadcasting, because you can immediately begin to re-utilize the spots as your own video marketing tools.


Your scheduling fee also includes the airtime scheduling, trafficking and agency placement costs of inserting your spots on targeted networks, and in targeted markets, as a mini-test campaign. All broadcasts occur on networks and in markets that you indicate are of interest, by completing our Market and Network Checklists provided. Our media experts can help guide you in those determinations, as well.


LOGO2Beyond the ownership of the spots which you can then stream online, re-broadcast at tradeshows, events, via social media, by utilizing our studio's foreign language and sub-titling capabilities, you can further leverage your investment for Spanish language viewers or on a global scale. These types of strategic marketing strategies can potentially result in thousands of more viewers. Remember, Kevin Harrington is recognized globally and is the Pioneer of As Seen On TV and participants in our DRTV Campaign are afforded the opportunity to utilize the As Seen On TV logo on their website, product packaging, marketing and branding strategies. Consumers may not be familiar with your product or service but they have seen the As Seen On TV logo branding on many of their favorite products now for decades.


Aside from the television exposure, we integrate a comprehensive DR/BR marketing campaign utilizing press releases/press wires, social media posts, relevant blogs on our corporate website,, for additional exposure for each spot. For example, our press releases can generate 500+ impressions, combined with 1,000+ Social Media Impressions, and 1,000+ You Tube Impressions. Kevin Harrington currently has thousands of followers on Facebook, as well as on other social media sites. Kevin’s “reach” figures have averaged over 20,000 organic impressions (without boosts or promos) and peaks above 100,000 with a combination of boosted and organic posts. While we anticipate continued growth of the numbers, it is difficult to accurately measure the entirety of all projected impressions that can be obtained, especially if you continue to re-purpose and re-broadcast the spots for additional exposure. The integrated strategies we have implemented throughout the various social media platforms (Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, MySpace, etc…) suggest conservative and consistent growth; furthermore, the participant of our DRTV Campaign is encouraged to collaborate with our social media team in order to maximize the potential of these campaigns.