Natural Wünderz Testimonial

ASONTV Pro - Natural Wünderz

Dear Fortune Media Group Inc/ASONTV,

I wanted to reach out to you personally and thank you and your team for all the support with our first video shoot for Natural Wünderz. When your team reached out to me, I knew right away there would be many benefits to working together. It was a solid business decision that I am truly happy with. The experience has been worth every penny invested.

I enjoyed flying out to beautiful Florida to work with your team doing the video shoot. It was very interesting to watch. Everything about the process was professionally handled, and I was truly impressed with the production team how they paid attention my input and to details.

I am highly impressed with final commercial spots and we are currently leveraging them through multiple channels. The impression this leaves with our customers and business partners is just what we were hoping for.

I worked with a lot of great people here, but Lisa Vrancken has been an amazing partner in our success. She has been so helpful and kind and has lead us to many other business opportunities along the way. She helped us work on the back end for additional offline retail distribution as well as connecting us with potential clients for the contract manufacturing end of our business.

I would wholeheartedly recommend As Seen On TV.Pro to other small companies looking to create visibility and grow their business. The accolade and credibility gained from this venture is immeasurable. I would say to anyone thinking of partnering with As Seen On TV.Pro, do this, and your customers will look at your company in a whole new light.

Thanks to everyone on the team. This was a WOW! experience for Natural Wünderz. I am grateful to have work with everyone on the team. Tell Kevin, great job!

Scott Gerling
Natural Wünderz