A New You in the New Year

As the sun is getting ready to set on yet another year (and this time, an entire decade) that only means that it is also getting ready to rise at the dawn of another. How many years have you swornRead More

Fall brings colder, unstable weather, the winds are blowing more fiercely, and temperatures vary greatly between days with cool, dryer nights and hot, humid days. With this change in weather, the skin has to adapt. Your skin care routine needsRead More

Chakra Organics Testimonial

To the team at & Kevin Harrington, What a blessing deciding to have the team with Kevin Harrington, produce our TV commercial. From the very start, professionalism was above board across all departments. This team knows what theyRead More

Runaway Dog Stopper Testimonial

Dear Lisa, Our story is one that for a long time appeared to be only a dream, but with the guidance of the people, success is now a real possibility. My best friend Tom who, over the years hasRead More

Now I Know My CBDs by Wendee Brungardt

This documentary provides a brief education on CBD and Cannabinoid Wellness and how it works in the body’s Endocannabinoid System (ECS). Scientists have learned that when the body’s Endocannabinoid System is working efficiently, this ECS system helps regulate sleep, mood,Read More

Kanga Klothing Testimonial

Dear Lisa, I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate the support from you, Kevin Harrington, Bill Barlow and the entire tean1. It was a great experience making our unique Kanga Klothing commercial and working with theRead More

Banana Vital Testimonial

Dear Lisa & the team, Let me begin by commending you all on a smooth and flawless service that the team at has provided. I have experienced nothing less than a superior professional service. Obviously, it’s natural toRead More