Script Writing

The perfect infomercial is a balancing act between what the problem your prospective customer faces and how your product solves it. It leads a viewer to purchase your product while hopefully keeping them entertained along the way. The script isRead More

The Merits of Video on Social Media


When you talk about using video and social media, there are a few different angles that need to be looked at. If a company is trying to promote their product on a social media platform, videos is likely the best option. TheRead More


There are some infomercials that just stick with you. We’ve all been there, late at night watching the greatest pitch men and their innovative products. From Billy Mays to George Foreman, they resonated with America and consumers around the globe.Read More

Business Pitch

A perfectly planned and delivered elevator pitch can help you to achieve your business goals. Or, if you get the pitch wrong, you’ll be left where you started with little to no interest in your idea. Because elevator pitches areRead More