Original Shark from Shark Tank Kevin Harrington Says Dr. Ross’ Biogem “gives your hair natural beauty and vitality”

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“If you suffer from any hair problems, you need to check out Dr. Ross’ Biogem,” Harrington states in the video. “These special products create a hair care system that combines the best of both science and nature.”

As the inventor of the infomercial and founder of As Seen on TV, Kevin Harrington has launched some of the best-selling DRTV campaigns in history. Since producing his first thirty-minute infomercial in 1984, Harrington has been involved in over 500 product launches that have resulted in over $5 billion in global sales.

“Made in the USA, with an active organic formula free of drugs and parabens, Biogem products are designed to improve hair volume and make your hair healthier,” Harrington explains. “With organic extract as a key ingredient, Biogem contains antiviral and antibacterial properties. Providing minerals, vitamins, and enriched nourishment into the scalp, their products give your hair natural beauty and vitality.”

“Uniquely unlike other hair products, Biogem is backed by over ten years of clinical scalp analysis on over 1,500 customers and tested in an FDA-registered, independent laboratory, clinically proven to be safe and effective,” Harrington later reveals in the video. “Studies show that there are no signs of irritation or allergies and it helped to stop balding one hundred percent and improve hair volume ninety-seven percent.”

Harrington’s testimonial video about Dr. Ross’ Biogem is scheduled for release across social media platforms, digital channels, and streaming services as well as http://www.drrossbiogem.com and AsSeenOnTV.pro.

About AsSeenOnTV.pro
Headquartered in South Florida, AsSeenOnTV.pro is a full-service production, branding, and marketing company that specializes in direct response television, short- and long-form commercials, and brand building. Based out of a 25,000+ sq ft, state-of-the-art studio, the company’s creative team handles every aspect of production from script to screen to airing. For nearly two decades, AsSeenOnTV.pro’s veteran staff of writers, producers, videographers, and editors has amassed more than 50 Telly Awards, thousands of prestigious clients, and over $20 million in television placements.

About Dr. Ross’ Biogem
BIOGEM hair care products are specially designed to solve problems from hair loss, thinning hair, damaged hair, discoloration and dandruff. Therefore, after an exhausting research in sunny southern California, we formulated an optimum hair care system that combines the best of both science and nature.

For more information about Dr. Ross’ Biogem, visit http://www.drrossbiogem.com.