Participant Success Series: Maria Shireen of My Hair Tie Bracelets®

Maria Shireen

For the first featured Participant Success Story series, we are proud to introduce Maria Shireen®, the creator of My Hair Tie Bracelets®. The Maria Shireen® name serves both as a functional fashion accessories company and name of the maker of the original hair tie bracelet. The company designs, produces and markets three premium, patented hair tie bracelet collections – athleisure, bittersweet and pure by Maria Shireen®.

The Maria Shireen® story begins how most success stories do, a nuisance and an idea. “I struggled with keeping track of where my hair ties were, and managing the discomfort, not to mention unsightly look of those indentations on my wrists,” said Shireen.

As an active mom on-the-go, Maria’s husband, an engineer, decided to step in and create the invention which is now known as Bittersweet, Maria Shireen’s flagship collection®. “He created a bracelet that eliminates the pressure around the wrist and turns a functional hair tie into a stylish accessory by creating a channel that holds the elastic band in place,” told Shireen.

Upon launching in early 2015, Maria Shireen® products have been sold in over 40 countries, and continues to grow. David Dial, independent marketing and sales consultant and member of’s Advisory Board, was impressed by the product and was always crucial in making the key connection with Toys”R”Us. “When you come across a concept which is perfectly aligned with its window of opportunity, that’s the right time to act,” said Dial.  “I’ve helped young companies achieve billion-dollar status, so I can recognize the potential behind a start-up, simply from its product’s intrinsic value and the mindset of its management.”

Long behold, the Producers of, with Kevin Harrington, recently announced that My Hair Tie Bracelets® by Maria Shireen® has been accepted into the stores of retail giant Toys”R”Us. is launching a Direct Response Television campaign, concurrent with the introduction of My Hair Tie Bracelets® into Toys”R”Us stores. “While we are no strangers to facilitating success tales, the Maria Shireen story provides an outstanding example of what is possible when the ‘right stuff’ meets the ‘ideal moment’,” says Douglas Scott, Executive Producer. This opportunity would have never been possible if it were not for David Dial’s expertise and dedication to put this amazing product on the shelf of a big-box retailer, where it belongs.

The Maria Shireen story tell us how a simple idea now has the potential to accelerate to the big leagues. We are beyond thrilled for our participant, Maria Shireen, and pleased to say the My Hair Tie Bracelets® by Maria Shireen® are now available on the Toys”R”Us website and in its stores for purchase. The DRTV television campaign is currently being televised on major networks across the nation. Tune in!