Participant Success Series: Q and A with Vaya


Tell me about your product. What make it unique?

Our product is a vacuum insulated lunchbox. Most lunchboxes on the market are either not insulated or big and bulky. What’s nice about tyffyn is its vacuum insulated so food stays hot or cold for 4-5 hours. Food containers are built in. It’s BPA free. Because everything is closed, it tastes really fresh when you open it. A salad tastes like you just made it. Food tastes like you just cooked it.


What was the process like working with

From the get go everything was really easy. Everything was set up for us. There were experts in different fields. The production managers were great. We were used to DRTV being cheesy but the product managers came up with a high level branded ad feel. They also helped with PR and connecting us with people in the industry.

How are you leveraging your new content?

We have taken it and used it on social media. On Facebook, Instagram, and posting it regularly. We have pinned the ad to the top of our page. Right now we are educating people on our product in the US. We are receiving more recognition. I feel leveraging the brand has helped.


What insights did you gain from Kevin and the Innovator’s Think Tank?

The event was structured as a pitch, each person had their speech. It was a little bit like Shark Tank. Kevin gave us feedback on our pitch. It helped us learn about the US audience and how they feel about the product. Also some really good tips on what is up to in the future. The best part was the 1 on 1. Kevin went above and beyond what was expected. He gave us a really good tagline and gave us a video for social media. He introduced us to the reps that were there. That was a game changer. It was a great day. It was also great the way the event was structured. They fit a lot all in one day.


What advice would you give to those considering a drtv or video campaign with

I would say believe in your product. Go ahead. It’s a litmus test. You guys have a strong brand with a history of success. You guys know what you are doing. It really helps us keep doing what we do best, which is the product design, while you do what you best, marketing.