Participant Success Series: Q&A with

Stadium Bags

How did you get started with Safety Bags and
A. Dori De Carlo: Safety bags was started after Columbine, with the goal of keeping guns and drugs out of schools. As a mom, I was motivated by the idea of keeping kids safe. People are more concerned right now about stadiums than schools, but I have been able to reach thousands of schools and several school districts, and I know my message of overall safety is spreading rapidly.

I discovered there was also a need for clear bags for stadiums. Anything larger than the palm of your hand now needs to be clear due to new clear bag regulations. I looked at the market and there were no quality items available. A lot of the options available right now are made from poor quality material and fall apart right away.

Q. What makes your product unique?
A. Stadium bags come with a three year warranty and are made with high quality 5m, 20-gauge temperature-treated PVC vinyl. Because of the high quality materials, you can use your phones and tablets without removing them. We now have over 24 different designs catered for school, travel, and are even working on a checkpoint friendly laptop bag. We won the Family Choice Award In May of 2016 right after we launched!

Q. What was the process like with
A. I came down to meet Doug Scott, the executive producer, myself, as I would do with any major investment, and I was very impressed with the entire operation. We came to the October think tank and Kevin Harrington did the intro to our video. The first airing was on ESPN in Chicago, right in the middle of the playoffs. Afterwards, the PGA contacted us and now the LPGA is doing an article on Stadium Bags. I also took the video and ran a sponsored video on Facebook. Due to this video, we got the attention of Good Morning America and were featured on Deals and steals. We sold 5400 bags in just one day! We also won a NY Yankees Game Changer contest, and are now in talks to get into stores at stadiums worldwide.

Q. What influenced you to be an entrepreneur?
A. 5 weeks before my 35th birthday I was a waitress. One night, I had a dream of being an older person waiting tables, and the next day I went ahead and quit my job. I decided that if I was going to work this hard, I was going to do it for myself. I then started a Marketing Firm. It was 1995 and websites were just getting started. We were using dial up. If there was a spelling error, you couldn’t just press refresh. It was a whole day process.

Q. What advice would you give to entrepreneurs starting out?
A. I am least productive when I am sitting behind a desk, and am better when I am out making things happen. I would say to play to your strengths. Know what you are good at and use that to your advantage.

Q. You also run a radio show, what motivated you to begin your show, Word of Mom?
A. As a female entrepreneur, I know exactly what it is like to be told constantly by people that I should quit and get a real job. Word of Mom allows me to give female entrepreneurs a platform to share their ideas and be heard. I often times am the first person to validate their product. is proud of Stadium Bag’s success and can’t wait to see what the future holds for them! If you would like to increase the presence of your business through a DRTV campaign, contact us at