Participant Success Series: Walkabout Harnesses, LLC

Walk About Harness

Founded in 1982 by Cathy Erwin, Walkabout Harness was established to assist dogs and cats during their physical rehabilitation. After working for many years as the head of Surgery at the Santa Cruz Veterinary Hospital, Cathy developed walking aids and support harnesses to help pets recover faster while in rehab.

After decades on the market, Cathy wanted an additional boost from marketing and advertising to help further grow her business. She understood that in today’s world, digital marketing is a necessary part of any marketing strategy and that video content is king. For these reasons and because of Kevin Harrington’s track record of success, she signed with and produced a 30 and 60 second HD broadcast quality DRTV spot for her product.

As the team at recommended, Cathy continually promoted the 60 second spot on her social media platforms. On Facebook alone, the spot was viewed over 400,000 times and exceeded her return-on-investment.

Her feature on television coupled with her presence on Kevin Harrington’s e-commerce site, gained the attention of Harrison Forbes, Celebrity Pet Expert. Harrison advised Lisa Vrancken, VP of Business Development at that he was interested in including Walkabout Harnesses in his 15 stop Pet Talk Live Bus Tour this summer. The tour includes the top Pet Consumer Events and will be in front of over 200,000 pet owners throughout the country.

Harrison is currently representing Walkabout Harnesses for major retail placement in the U.S. and abroad. Harrison’s good friend, Joan Jett, American rock singer and songwriter, even gave Walkabout Harnesses a thumbs-up for her own precious pooch!

“My collaboration with is nearing the 13 month mark. Our commercials began airing in January 2016 which marked a tremendous success for Walkabout Harnesses, LLC which increased visibility, sales and popularity. Even though our company is over 30 years in business, the collaboration breathed new life into our motivation and worldwide popularity.

We instantly saw a rise in revenue after the release of this commercial well over the fee. The actual 30 second commercial is promoted on Instagram where it continues to achieve over 1,000 hits every week.” – Cathy Ewin

We are thrilled for their business success and for the many pets that will benefit from their products.