Participant Success Story: Q & A Mary Ann Andrews from Pill Rite

Pill Rite

Q. How did you come up with the Idea for PillRite?
A. The idea for improving the pillbox stemmed from my own frustrations with managing my pills. None on the market were organized for an entire month. I came up with this idea and decided to move forward. We went through patent design and patent lawyers. It took some time but in the end the product and design came out nicely. Our product is doing well and sold out on both Good Morning America and The View.

Q. How did you come to learn about
A past participant, Dori DiCarlo with, told us about She has worked with them previously and told me there is value to having your own commercial.

Q. How Did You Benefit from the Innovator’s Think Tank? Why Would You Recommend this Event to Others.
A. It’s a great event. I definitely recommend it. We were fortunate that through networking we were able to meet a lot of great people. We met Brad Moss, a member of the advisory board, who is helping us with our Amazon account. We also met another participant who introduced us to their rep. That rep has turned out to be very valuable. We were able to get in to 30 Harps Stores.

Q. What was your experience like with Kevin Harrington?
A. He was very impressed with our packaging and was able to confirm some of the things we read through our research. It was very valuable to have that reinforcement.

Q. How was it working with an Amazon expert?
A. We hired Brad’s company, Product Labs. Our Amazon store was previously handled by our distributor. Now Amazon will handle the fulfillment. Brad works on the backend to work his magic to get us to the top of the page with the right SEO keywords.

Q. What’s next for Pill Rite?
A. We recently found out we were chosen to be featured by the Home Shopping Network for their American Dreams segment. We are filming in July and really looking forward to that.

Final Thoughts
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