PeriClean Testimonial

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We got the original call from Tony Ferraro. We couldn’t believe it. Kevin Harrington from Shark Tank and As Seen on TV is interested in our PeriClean toothbrush! We were first invited to the Innovators Think Tank and at the same time, to produce a commercial with the producers at As Seen On TV.

At the lnnovators Think Tank, Doug Scott and Kevin Harrington spoke with influence, knowledge, and experience. My father, Dr. Jack Gruber, DDS, the inventor of PeriClean, and I were most impressed by their enthusiasm and energy, motivation and success. Then we had a one on one session with Kevin and you, Lisa. Kevin was attentive to our story and from there, a few months later, became our partner with his son, Brian Harrington, and Steve Mandell, in our PeriClean toothbrush business.

The next part of our experience was creating our ASONTV commercial. On the commercial, Kevin gave the introduction, and my father and niece were the face of PeriClean. The professionalism of the producers, writers, videographers, and editors who created the commercial and who did all the followups created perfection and an outstanding commercial to be aired May 2020.

This has been the opportunity of a lifetime. Kevin Harrington has put together a most impressive team of the best and brightest people in the industry. The professionalism, expertise, and experience was nothing but extraordinary. That includes the lnnovators Think Tank, As Seen on commercial, and
the people and connections we met through you, Lisa, from your Golden Rolodex!

Kevin Harrington’s team looks to build long-lasting, mutually beneficial professional relationships! TV airings help build brand equity and there really aren’t any overnight success stories…it’s a process’ For
the road past, present, and future, we couldn’t thank you enough

Warmest regards,

Michael V. Gruber