How to Pitch: Start with a Story


You need to know the details, numbers, market analysis, profits, losses and so much more. However, you do not want to bore your potential investor to death, so use your pitch time to tell a story. Can you introduce a character such as a customer who is going to be helped by your product or service? Put a face to the story and grab their attention! Side Note: You may be under the impression that you automatically have the investor’s undivided attention because they granted you the time. Wrong. They are thinking about anything and everything but you so make the first 5-10 seconds count.

Your goal with the storytelling aspect of your pitch is to connect emotion with your product or service. People may not remember what you said but they will remember how you made them feel.

Be Precise

You have to know your facts frontwards and backwards so you can present the details quickly, concisely and accurately. Use precision to describe the following:

  • What you do or offer
  • Who is the target demographic
  • What is your revenue model
  • How you will or have gained customers
  • How is your service or product unique

A Business pitch is usually limited in time, so the more laser focused you can be with the details, the better. An investor wants to know who you are, what you want, why they should give you any money and most importantly, how they are going to get their money back with interest.

Devils Advocate

Have you ever participated in a debate? A key tool to debating is anticipating the opposition’s position and be able to crush their argument. You do this by “pretending” to be on the opposing side. You can do the same thing with your investors pitch. Research the pitfalls of your business and be ready to answer these problems with your revenue model, unique product, unique experience or any combination of all. The better you know the down side, the better you will be able to overcome objections. Key Note: You do not necessarily want to bring up the bad, but be ready to answer for it if they do!

Pay Attention

As much as you are presenting facts, you must also be ready to change course based on the cues from your investors. This is your once in a lifetime business pitch so you have to be able to follow the tide or bring it back if it begins to ebb.

Final Thoughts

One investor pitch may not be the end all, be all for your company, but if you will treat it as if it could be, you up your chances of success. Finally, dress for success and take your most enthusiastic game face to the presentation. If you are not excited about your business, do not waste your time with a business pitch.