Product Trends and the Growth of the CBD Industry

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The CBD industry continues to flourish and if it shows us anything is that product trends are here to stay. We do not have yet everything we need, and even more importantly, everything we want and therefore there is room for innovation. We will take a moment here to discuss how the CBD industry is providing essential business lessons for the future and how product trends do not happen overnight.

Product Trends

Trends are not specific items or brands that individuals are looking for but rather a set of values that takes over the climate of society and drives consumerism. In the case of CBD oils, this trend would be an increase in overall health awareness. Magazines, TV shows, and all other types of media constantly remind us of our health today and how natural products reign supreme. CBD oils are not only cashing in on this climate but also on the popularity and new acceptance of Cannabis in the world, a dominant trend indeed. The Cannabidiol industry is poised to reign supreme for a long time.

The CBD Industry

Because Cannabis is a hot and trending topic it serves the CBD industry well, an industry expected to be worth 22 billion dollars by 2022. When large companies like Coca-Cola are looking into the industry, it is time to pay attention. Cannabidiol is said to be able to treat anything from anxiety to joint pain, to insomnia, etc. and it is available in gummy drops, creams, and vape oils, dog treats for the furry one are also available.

Millennials are at the top of the list of purchasers, and the number drops off when we start to study consumers above forty but as generations change so too will the views on the product, making it familiar and accepted by all.  This is a surging market, and everyone is looking to cash-in, it is the perfect storm of demand and supply.

Lessons Learned

It can be difficult to say what lessons will have been learned once the industry is entirely settled, but as of this moment, we are seeing the importance of health in today’s society, something that has been brewing for decades. Cannabis, a product whose possession once carried severe punishments now has entire blogs and magazines dedicated to it. The product already had a high demand long before it hit the shelves so it made sense that individuals would be keen to cash in on its legalization and newfound popularity.

In Bloom

The future of the CBD industry looks bright, and as media continues to push the products forward and large companies infuse their products with it, there is no telling when the surge will stop. Product trends take time to form, while they may seem like something that came out of nowhere they are not, they take years. Imagine a seed being planted in the mind that is continuously provided water and sunlight over the years—the CBD industry was that seed years ago, and today it is in full bloom.