New Services Offered by Credit Unions

Credit unions are keeping up with the times in a few ways. Credit unions are known for going out of their way to make their members happy and now they are doing this by going online, adding rewards programs and branch sharing.

Today, consumers expect a lot more than they once did. They want to be able to access their accounts, student loans and business loans online. The producers of Services On TV did a bit of research into what credit unions are offering their members these days and this is what they found.

3 New Services Offered by Credit Unions

Mobile Banking-some credit unions are implementing mobile banking to make banking more convenient for their customers. Many people like the convenience of making deposits, checking their accounts and having access to online banking.

Perks-Some credit unions are giving members perks like traveler checks, free withdrawals from ATM’s not owned by the credit union and reduced car and home loans when members use more of their services.

Branch Sharing-if your credit union is an hour away or longer some credit unions are offering the option to take care of your banking at a closer branch. You can find out through your credit union if you live close to a branch that works with your original branch. If so, you can go there and take care of most of your banking.

Traditional banking is becoming easier and more convenient in many ways today, which is why credit unions are offering more services and benefits as well.

a woman managing her credit union account online