Show Yourself Some Self-Love This February With These Unique Products

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February is known as the month of love all over the world mainly because Valentine’s day happens to be in the same month everywhere! Being the month of love, choose to show yourself some love too. Check out these amazing products that are good to give as a gift or give yourself this Valentine’s Day.


Heat Surge

Do you want to spice up your home a bit? Then a fireplace will do just the trick. You can use an electric fireplace to warm up and create a romantic ambiance! With adjustable thermostats and super detailed L.E.D. widescreen, you get to heat the room and get an amazingly realistic fireless flame. 


C-Line Products/ Wine By Your Side

During this month of love, you might want to set up a date or two in your home. If you love wine, then the 3-piece wine holder – romantic dining experience will ensure that everything goes smoothly, and the conversation keeps flowing. Hate having to cut off the conversation as you go for another bottle of wine in the next room? This product will eliminate that all together since the wine and the ice will be at arm’s reach!


The Plug Drink

If you’d like to make a toast or two on Valentine’s Day make sure to treat yourself to a drink or two in order to enjoy Valentine’s day make sure you treat yourself to an after-drink of The Plug. This hangover drink will make sure you don’t regret those celebratory drinks the day before. Let The Plug take care of you and help you restore, recover and recharge. 


Accord Comfort Sleep Systems

Sleep is essential to our well-being. When you sleep right, you wake relaxed, full of energy, and full of vigor to take on the day. When you don’t, the opposite happens. They support more than your sleep but strive to help you improve self-care too. Their technologically advanced mattress sleep systems are great for a good night sleep and cuddling in bed!


G.X. Pillows

Do you want to sleep a lot better this February? G.X. Pillows are the best bet if you are looking for a pillow that will give you the type of superior comfort you are looking for. With their hypoallergenic hollow fiber pillow, rest your head on these suspension pillows and let yourself dream without the worry of the pillow sinking overnight!


Amora Coffee

Do you love coffee? Amora means love so this coffee is perfect for you! Treat yourself to this highly curated taste that will leave you refreshed and feeling good. Be it chocolate truffle, French vanilla, or any other flavor, to sip on a cup of fresh Amora Coffee in bed or the comfort of your kitchen is an experience like no other. Treat yourself this month to mixed and matched custom blends.


BeOn Container

Are you always on the go but want to be more mindful of yourself and of what you eat? One way of cutting down costs and ensuring that you eat healthily is by meal prepping. This one of a kind lunch box is easy to use because of the design and different compartments. With BeOn Container, you can eat well and store your yummy food in this unique and innovative food container. What’s more, it’s as convenient to carry as a reusable water bottle.


Rebellious Beverage

When you feel drained and in need of some immediate energy, Rebellious Beverage is what you should get this month. You can hydrate with this healthy and refreshing beverage, which is 100% plant-based and loaded with antioxidants. That way, you keep your mind and body going strong during your day.



CBD oil has been carefully researched, and its benefits have been thoroughly documented. If you are suffering from any sort of pain, you can get some VivaOil, which can help to eliminate the pain while you give yourself the gift of having a clear mind by day for work. Additionally, the premium CBD products by VivaOil can ensure you have a restful night without any pain and discomfort. 


Pearls Premium

Every homeowner’s dream is to look at their property and see a beautifully kept lawn and back yard. Don’t just make sure to pamper and manicure yourself this month but help your lawn look its best too! Since some types of grass can be very hectic and require a lot of mowing and watering, Pearl’s Premium brings a different kind of seed that requires very little maintenance in terms of chemicals, watering, and cutting. You can love your lawn again with Pearls Premium, ultra-low maintenance lawn seed that delivers breakthrough performance and makes your home look incredible. 



Would your time be better spent on a golf course? If your happy place is on the golf course then optimize your performance today with top of the line Anthalonz golf shoes that leverage new patented technology and offer a design that delivers you more stability and power on the course. Anathalonz is the world’s best golf shoemaker. They provide a unique blend between functionality and style to ensure that the players look great and play great!

These products are all very helpful and can make your life a bit simpler and more enjoyable this month. “As a Product Manager at, I’m involved in performing continuing product evaluations on new products in the market. Product evaluations bring invaluable knowledge about the target market, their needs and preferences. More importantly, we get to compare and contrast with the competition and determine product viability. Kevin’s Top Ten handpicks are products we hope you love, and we recommend,” said Todd Sturga. If we can recommend them, then they are sure to make you love your life just a bit more this month.