Studio & On-Site Locations

Studio Shoots

  • Compelling and informative DRTV / BRTV spots about how a product works or a service is provided, can be filmed in our studio in front of a green or white cyclorama, otherwise known as a "green screen" or "white screen". The artistic team can impose any number of background scenes on the green or white screen.
  • Our studio is desirable because of the floor plan and it’s an ideal space for lighting, equipment and prep space.
  • Sound recording is easier to control.
  • Additional equipment is readily accessible in the studio.
  • Privacy and security is controllable. No one can enter the set when the shoot takes place.

On-Location Shoots

  • There is no better place to demonstrate a product or service that requires the outdoors than the outdoors.
  • South Florida is one of the most popular shoot locations for DRTV / BRTV campaigns because of the beautiful weather, amazing scenery and luxury resources at our disposal.
  • We also have the ability to shoot at a participant’s location for a full-day shoot (up to 10 hours). When shooting at a participant-designated location, the participant needs to stage the location and secure talent.
  • Certain on-location shoots may require permits and may not offer a controlled environment.