Success Story Flower Of Sunlight & Life Source

ASOTV Success Story - Flower of sunlight LLC & Life Source LLC

December 14th 2021

Dear ASOTV team, Lisa V , & Steve too,

Wow-what a year! There’s nothing more exciting than moving forward with a business or breaking out of the mold and interacting with new clients, customers, and possibilities. Couldn’t have asked for a better opportunity than sitting down with your team back in June this year.

Let’s recap shall we, your team helped us with the complete rebuild and Rebrand of our products. You did our website, package design, and social media options. You help us take a great idea and turn it into a stellar possibility, with guidance the entire way. We had an extremely easy time communicating and getting our ideas across, even after the 20th website edit your team never stopped until we were 200% happy. I applaud you on your customer service and your consistent communication with our design team. You helped us move forward efficiently and quickly.

But there’s more you also invited us into your inner circle of Think Tank professionals in October, putting us in front of truly professional successful movers and shakers to further guide us. We couldn’t ask for more.

But this is what really sets you apart from the rest and makes us feel like we are Family, not only have you helped us build a homerun business we’re proud of, but you even go above and beyond with our other businesses to help promote and constantly provide quality opportunities to help us move forward, and that is what sets you apart. You care about our success and for that, we will be working with your team into the future and beyond. We truly appreciate your company and thank you for your business ethics there are top-notch.
I highly recommend anybody with a half-baked idea noodling around in their brain to give your team a call because you never know what possibilities may present themselves when mentored by the right team.

Thank you!
Sincerely Flower of Sunlight, and the Life Source team