Testimonial BEAM Minerals

BEAM Minerals testimonial


Dear Shark Discoveries Team:

Our experience with Shark Discoveries and the associated organizations that support their work has been stellar!

Without a doubt, Shark Discoveries & As Seen on TV are THE best service organizations I have worked with in my career.

  1. Every person we have come into contact with has been of the very highest caliber, with the experience, skill and follow-through necessary to provide great results,
  2. The seamless process we were taken through in the development of our video spot was well-designed and well-managed, such that we rarely had to reiterate, and we understood what was happening, how and when, before it happened.
  3. We received great consultation along the way and ended up with a video spot that truly represents our brand and delivers a clear
  4. On the back end, utilizing your connections with a Public Relations specialist, has given us many additional opportunities to grow our brand.

As a successful startup, we have had many experiences of companies, consultants and organizations that promised great results but couldn’t/didn’t deliver on their promises. In some cases, they didn’t listen well, in others their process was loose and poorly managed and in many cases the results were less then was described during the sales pitch.

In contrast, Shark Discoveries delivered the goods efficiently, effectively and with great skill.

Though we haven’t launched our Shark Discoveries Campaign yet and will be attending a Think Tank event in March of 2022, we feel confident that the continued strategic mentorship from Shark Discoveries, As Seen in TV and the Fortune Media folks will support our business to the next level.

Hands down, we give them the highest marks and recommend them and their process to other start-ups.

Best wishes and thank you to Shark Discoveries for your mentorship.


Caroline Alan, Co-Founder & CEO

14739 SE Arista Drive Portland, OR 97267