Testimonial Brain Health Sciences

Testimonial Brain Health Sciences

Lisa Vrancken
Executive Vice President
Fortune Media Group, Inc / Shark Discoveries
6250 Coral Ridge Drive, Studio 200
Coral Springs, Florida 33076

Dear Fortune Media/Shark Discoveries,

Thank you to the fabulous team at Shark Discoveries and Kevin Harrington for all your hard work creating and filming our commercials. You all have exceeded expectations.

Initially, I was a little skeptical when your team reached out. With that said, the immediate level of professionalism and consistent “doing what you say you will” throughout the process put me at ease.

The process itself was systematic and streamlined making it very easy on our side. In fact, there were times your team was ready and waiting on us. A big thank you to Emily Nicol, Head Writer and Scott Shields, VP of Production and Nadine Benech-Nel, Producer for their speedy responses and being on top of every detail!

Our product is technology based and the opportunity to be on-set even during Covid to make sure everything worked perfectly during the filming and to capture some behind-the-scenes pics for social media was welcomed. I also now know first-hand why your team is “award winning”. Watching them at work was remarkable! They were all were so very friendly and open to my presence and opinions and their extreme professionalism and dedication to “getting it right” was very impressive.

Lisa, your personal interest in the success of our campaign as well as my company’s overall success is an added benefit I was not expecting and is one that that is greatly appreciated. I really enjoyed meeting you in person for dinner and appreciate the professional and personal friendship we have cultivated throughout the project. You have continued to go above and beyond with personal recommendations of how to grow the brand, providing extremely high-quality introductions as well as potential affiliates and media opportunities like being featured on a FB live through our strategic partnership with Kevin in front of thousands of followers to speak about our product prior to the campaign launch.

The finished commercials are very high quality and are valuable in every venue. I am looking forward to the campaign airing in November 2021 and our continued relationship. I’d highly recommend this campaign to other companies. To the team, please do not ever hesitate to contact me if there is ANYTHING I can do to assist you!

Warmest regards,
Shelda Magistri
Founder & Co-CEO
Brain Health Sciences