Testimonial Health and Wisdom Inc

Testimonial Health and Wisdom Inc

We couldn’t be more pleased with our experience working with the professionals at Shark Discoveries. As new business owners, we knew that we needed to make some changes to promote our products and increase sales, but we needed direction about how to proceed. When Shark Discoveries reached out to us, we were intrigued with what they had to offer. From the first consultation, they gave great advice about changes we needed to make to our product labels, website, and social media presence to gain credibility in the marketplace. Working with Shark Discoveries gave us not only great professional advice, but as we started making changes, they helped us to have deadlines to meet so that we were able to make progress in a timely way.

We also worked with BMG Creative, at Shark Discoveries recommendation, to design a new look for our labels, which we LOVE! They helped us with new branding as well as building a new modern-looking website. They helped us streamline our processes, so orders are getting handled faster and more accurately.

Then it was time to make the TV commercial as part of the very reasonably priced package of services we purchased. Once again, the folks at Shark Discoveries showed that they had the expertise to get our brand and products on the air. From script writing, through talent selection, production and post-production, their experts understood our products, listened to our input, and in the end produced a great looking video. They made our products look great, showed how they were used, and explained the benefits all in a quality 30 second and 60 second video. One of the best parts is that these videos are ours to use, share, even edit as we please across all mediums.

We are excited that Shark Discoveries has so many connections to TV networks and other routes of marketing that we plan to continue using their expertise as we grow. All along the way, they communicated with us regularly as we made decisions and determined the direction our company wanted to go with the website, the branding, and the TV commercial they helped to produce. Every aspect of our business they have touched has turned out better than we could have possibly done on our own.

In every way we have had an amazing experience working with the professionals at Shark Discoveries and their affiliated companies, and we would highly recommend that other companies use their vast network of professional resources to improve their businesses. They have made all the difference for us.

Laura and Leroy Collinwood
President and Co-owner
Health and Wisdom Inc.