The Importance of Brand Strategy and Development Before Airing Your Infomercial

Importance Of Brand Strategy

Direct TV advertising is responsible for making the Snuggie and Thighmaster household names overnight — and for making millions of dollars in profit for their respective sellers. How did these products and others like them become so popular so fast? More importantly, how can you use a direct response company to create and air a  powerful infomercial for your new product to achieve the same success?

Before you  begin writing the first line of your infomercial script, you’ll need to identify who you’re selling to and develop a brand strategy that clearly communicates the value of your product or service.

Who is Your Target Audience? Before you begin developing your strategy, you need to make sure you know who your target audience is and what they want. This  includes as many factors as possible, such as income, age, gender, and shopping preferences. If you’re selling to another business, your research should  focus on other relevant information to include what’s important to their customers as well.

Truly understanding who you’re marketing to is essential if you want to develop a successful brand strategy. This information provides the details you need to work with a professional marketing firm or direct TV company to develop:

  • Accurate buyer personas
  • a logo that communicates your brand proposition and resonates with your buyer personas
  • A winning infomercial script

Direct TV Advertising Generates Instant Brand Recognition

A direct response company helps you quickly  build brand recognition on a regional or national level. This is accomplished through television, which is still the most dynamic means of reaching a large audience. After seeing a product a few times , your target audience is far more likely to buy it.

Your brand proposition is most prominent in the slogans,script, and testimonials you present in your infomercial. Showing real people using your brand helps viewers at home visualize how it can solve a problem for them.

Focus on the Niche Market Who Will Buy Your Product

With a fully developed branding strategy it becomes much easier to focus on a specific niche. This serves two purposes. First, it helps you differentiate your market and get a leg up on the competition. Second, it helps you  determine the times when your target demographics will most likely be home to see the infomercial. For instance, if you’re selling cleaning products to stay-at-home moms and dads, the most likely time to reach them is during the day before the kids get home from school. Knowing who to target and when to target them will save you valuable time and resources.

Make sure that your product is well-suited for direct TV advertising. When you work with a direct response company, your product  will move through a tight cycle between sales and delivery. This means that you have to have the inventory in place to handle a large volume of orders in a short time.  The product has to demonstrate well and appeal to your intended audience watching from home. Most of all, your product should lend itself to an entertaining and informative display that people react to. That is the biggest push in getting them to  call the 800 number and place an order right away.