The Real Reason People Aren’t Buying From You

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It’s not just dumb luck that the most successful As Seen On TV companies are making a killing selling their products. If you’re struggling to make sales, following are the things you’re probably not doing that the top companies are:

Convincing the Audience They Need Your Product

This is one of the first and most important things you should consider before you even think about making an infomercial. If you aren’t convincing your audience they have a need, they’re never going to spend their money on your product. You can shoot the highest quality infomercial in the world, but if the viewer doesn’t see the need, it won’t matter.

Including Testimonials

After you’ve convinced the audience they have a problem that your product can solve, you have to prove that your product actually meets that need. Testimonials are a great way to establish this credibility because they show that a real person solved a real problem with this product. People tend to like and believe people who are like them, and testimonials tap into that for your viewers. Even if this means you need to give out some free products in order to get testimonials, it’s worth that investment in the long run.

Pricing Your Product Correctly

Especially when you’re starting out, you need to find ways to make a profit, and one of the simplest ways to do that seems to be to drive up the price of your product. This can backfire, though, if it means that nobody is going to buy your product because it’s too expensive. On the flip side, if you price your product too low, you risk your customers thinking it’s too good to be true or that your product is of poor quality. Doing research on your product to find the right price range can help put dollars in your pocket, fast. Don’t be afraid to take the time to do market research and to examine competing products; the time you invest in this will be rewarded.

Utilizing the Right People

If you don’t know how to create an infomercial, it’s imperative you hire somebody who does. Hiring the right team isn’t just for the behind the scenes work, either. Everyone recognizes celebrities such as Billy Mays, George Foreman and Kevin Harrington from their infomercials. Sometimes this celebrity endorsement is what you need to inspire people to buy your product. If you don’t have a well-known name in your infomercial, at least have some sort of expert as part of a testimonial or as one of the main spokespeople in your infomercial. This helps to add credibility, which convinces the viewer to purchase your product.

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