Things To Make 2017 Successful

Growing Business

Although the title is outlandish, as entrepreneurs, too often we fall prey to pursuing so many paths to “sure-fire,” “guaranteed success” that we look back at 2016 exhausted and spent but with only a couple of our goals checked off.

This year, by committing to some foundational techniques and wisdom, you will be able to cite 2017 as the year you stayed on track and crushed your goals.

Return to Your First Love                                         

Whether it is a picture on your wall or a meaningful saying on your home screen, commit to keeping the main thing front and center in the coming year. Your passion for your product, service and business are what make you stand out in the marketplace but the day to day pressures can cause your vision to drift. No one wants to look at 2017 in the rearview mirror and realize that your energy and resources were spent on someone else’s priorities.

Do the Next Right Thing

Your success is fueled by your relentless drive but will be accomplished by steady incremental steps in the direction of your goal. In 2017, leverage the power of your dreams by coupling your vision with the infrastructure necessary to make your goals a reality. Avoid the minefield of perfectionism by disciplining yourself to small actions in the direction of your dream.

Find Your Own Balance

Balance has become such a buzzword that it can make your eyes glaze over but the concept remains an important one. Any number of experts will tell you the way to establish or restore balance to your professional and personal life but the bottom line is that only you can determine what that entails. This is a unique season in your life- only you can construct your own definition of what balance means and how you will implement it in the coming year. Take the time now to lay out your non-negotiables, family and personal commitments and where you want to go in 2017 so that during this fast-paced journey, you can not only understand but also achieve what balance means to you.

Break the Box

Pursuing success is often a 24-7, 365 day a year endeavor that can encompass your every waking thought. Plan time throughout your schedule to look up and out to other successful entrepreneurs and their efforts. Consider synergistic strategies with unexpected partners. Listen to what your 12-year-old is obsessing over. Find out what’s trending on social media. You never know what wisdom you can incorporate into your business strategy from an unexpected source. When you meld the unexpected with the benefits of learning from the brightest and the best, your success is many steps closer.

Study History

You are on a distinctive and exhilarating journey as an entrepreneur. Commit to remaining a learner as you take time to study the paths of those who have achieved unparalleled success both within and outside your field. Although your experience is unique to your talents, your set of challenges and your possibilities, there is always time to learn from those who have gone before.

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