Three Non-Negotiable Traits Successful Entrepreneurs Share

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At As Seen On TV Pro, we know successful entrepreneurs come in all shapes and sizes. Ask about their journey to success and you will hear stories of years of slow incremental growth as well as seemingly overnight recognition. Young, old, educated and not, what are some of the common traits that they all share? 

An unshakeable belief in their service or product is an essential part of any successful entrepreneur’s makeup. Quite simply, if you don’t believe, neither will your audience. From the onset, you must be comfortable with a “buck stops here” willingness to make swift decisions and accept the consequences. Indecision or analysis paralysis can thwart your progress and cause you to be ill-prepared for crucial opportunities. Often the race to success is a marathon rather than a sprint and favors those able to take set-backs and detours in stride. Since they are often called upon to be all things to all people at least initially, a strong sense of confidence allows successful entrepreneurs to move from filling all roles including chief bottle-washer to international industry leader without a stumble.

Successful entrepreneurs recognize that in the multinational company is the echo of the one room start-up. Establishing essential business processes that can be scaled to meet every stage of growth and applying their acquired business acumen from the very beginning on a consistent basis forms the foundation for extraordinary success. Invariably successful entrepreneurs combine the capacity to rebound after setbacks with the flexibility to adapt their course in light of the experience. By balancing the ability to remain focused and motivated in the face of often overwhelming odds with remaining open to new possibilities and advances, successful entrepreneurs survive when others fall to the wayside.

Even though you might begin as a solopreneur, your success will be built on relationships – with your customers and suppliers, your prospective team members and leaders, and even your competitors. Successful entrepreneurs sell ideas, services and outcomes to a variety of audiences. Through effective communication of not only the end goal but also how they will achieve that goal, successful entrepreneurs defeat burnout and avoid vision creep. They are constantly scanning for new ways to promote their product or service and for those relationships that can ultimately increase their market share. Once they identify the potential, they present opportunities as a win/win.

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