Three Tips on How to Take Your Product to the Next Level

3 tips

Brian Harrington, an advisory board member for and son to Kevin Harrington, made an appearance yesterday on the new and upcoming millennial news platform, Cheddar Life. Brian gave advice to millennial entrepreneurs about how to start a business and, unlike most, make money from it.

In the interview, with co-hosts FreddieB and Alyssa Smith, Brian explains’s philosophy of product is king and how a celebrity gives a product instant credibility. Among this, Brian gives three points in answering the question, “how do millennials launch a successful business?”

1) Do your research

Too many times, people with great ideas spend great amounts of money while creating a product only to find out someone has already made it! Brian details how learning about your competition and developing a differentiating characteristic means having a successful product in a world of competition.

2) Partnerships are key

Having connections in the marketing world is one of the most valuable resources your new business can have, and is one of the best. Brian shows how no company thrives alone and getting a few great partners in your pocket is worth it all in the end.

3) Test before you invest

You may have the best product in the world, but not if only you think so. Brian explains how, before you invest great amounts of money into a startup or a big launch for you product, it’s important to run a few surveys and see how your market will react.

In addition Brian showcased some of our own products on Cheddar Life, the Blankillow, Maria Shireen, 4D Clean Energy, and Andre Walker’s Gold System Hair Care, being streamed to over 55,000 people!

For those of you who missed the Facebook Live Event, watch the video below.