Tips on Leveraging Your TV Media Campaign on Social Media


Technology has impacted every sector of the economy and this includes the world of advertising. Today, many people rely on social media and the internet to find what they need and, for this reason, having an effective social media campaign is vital. For businesses who are running paid social media campaigns and TV media campaigns, it is important to leverage these two hand-in-hand. There are several different ways that businesses can leverage their TV media campaigns on social media, here are a few tips for when your business is ready:

Running TV Commercials on Social Media as Ads: Keep Them Short

It is important for businesses to view social media advertising as a way to enhance a DRTV or BRTV spot, not to compete with them. Companies can actually run similar advertisements on social media to the ones that they run on TV. Furthermore, because people scroll through their social media platforms quickly, try to keep the advertisements short and sweet. Grab people’s attention immediately or they will just keep on scrolling by. provides participants with 60-second and 15-second TV spots, we recommend that you use the 15-second spots in social media advertising.

Target the Audience Carefully

One of the major benefits of advertising on social media is that companies can granularly select their target audience. This includes gender, age, occupation, and many more demographics. This allows companies to maximize their conversion rate and get the most return on their investment. Think about the people who are going to be interested in the product or service and tailor the advertisements accordingly. There might even be different advertisements for different platforms, so don’t feel like you are stuck to one campaign on one platform — explore your options!

Track the Results of the Social Media Advertising Campaign

Perhaps the most important advice for anyone looking to incorporate direct or brand response TV advertising campaigns into their social media marketing is to track the results. One of the major advantages of social media advertising campaigns is the ability to pull reports on campaign results. Businesses can track a lot of insightful metrics including:

  • Conversions
  • Click-through rates
  • Traffic activity
  • Traffic sources
  • Cost to aquire a lead
  • Cost per action

It is vital for your business to track the results of your advertising campaign so that you can alter advertisements that are not performing or running effectively and redirect dollars to the campaigns that are successful. This will help your business increase the return on any and all advertising investment.

Taking Advantage of a Direct TV Advertising Campaign on Social Media

These are just a few tips on leveraging your TV campaign on social media. With social media only increasing in its breadth and depth, interactions between DRTV and BRTV advertising campaigns and social media marketing are only going to continue to increase in their importance. Try to stay ahead of the competition and start planning your social media advertising today!