Traits to Avoid if You Want to Be Successful


People who achieve great success in business and in life tend to have certain traits in common. When you think of successful people the words ambitious, overachiever and go-getter come to mind. These are traits of people who achieve great things.

Some people wonder why success never crosses their path. Services On TV did a bit of research and found that certain characteristics can push success away. Kevin Harrington gives his thoughts on the main traits to avoid if you want to succeed.

  1. Fear Risk-one sure way to avoid success is to avoid taking chances. Starting your own company is a risk. When you start your own company you need to be willing to work hard, take a risk and overcome obstacles. Going back to school and taking a new career path when you’re half way through your career is also a risk. Many find this financially and personally rewarding though.
  2. Afraid to Fail-many people are afraid of failure so they are unwilling to try something new. The most successful entrepreneurs failed the first time around. Instead of dwelling on the failure they use what they learned to succeed the next time.
  3. Work 9-5-having a 9-5 mentality is not the way to succeed. Success comes for many from working before business hours, in the evening and on the weekend. Very few people achieve a high level of success without putting in long hours and hard work. Some people aren’t willing to put in the long hours it takes and they end up with a mediocre career.
  4. Follow the Crowd-leaders are trend setters. Entrepreneurs are creative, innovative people. They set the trends and others tend to follow them. People who always follow others lack vision and creativity, which is very important for success. If you want to be successful you need to be innovative and then you need to get your ideas out to the public.
  5. Hate What You Do-it’s very hard to succeed at something you hate doing. When you hate your job you try to do as little as possible. When you love what you do you don’t think about what time it is or when the day is going to end. The key to being able to work hard is that it doesn’t feel like work because you enjoy what you’re doing.
  6. Realistic Goals-it’s important to set very high goals. If you set your goals low you may never achieve anything beyond what you set. You want to keep striving throughout your life.

Achieving a high level of success is possible for most people. The key is believing you can achieve great success, coming up with a plan of action and working hard.