Why You Should Use Celebrity Endorsements

Celebrity Endorsements

There are ways to effectively identify your product: harness the power of referral and increase brand awareness. A celebrity endorsement can be the powerhouse that propels your product marketing to the next level. The wrong partnership can have you scrambling to disengage your product from the negative fallout of a tabloid headline, leaving you to question why you should use celebrity endorsements.

After launching over 500 products, I have seen the good, the bad, and the ugly of celebrity endorsements. In their rush to align their product with a celebrity, owners/inventors too often strike a deal they will spend years regretting.

The danger doesn’t lie with just the celebrity endorsement, but with the wrong celebrity endorsement. The right alliance can increase product brand recognition, cut years off your marketing plan and increase your sales conversion rate. The right celebrity endorsement can be the key that unlocks your success.

Kevin Harrington has four decades of experience as a successful entrepreneur. He was an Original Shark on the ABC hit, Emmy-winning TV show, “Shark Tank.” Kevin is the Inventor of the Infomercial and As Seen On TV Pioneer and has launched over 20 businesses that have grown to over $100 million in sales each.

A well-positioned celebrity endorsement can:

1) Remove Obstacles or Wariness – When a new concept or product is introduced, there is a natural reluctance to change. By linking your product to a familiar personality, an initial guardedness is removed and your audience is instantly more open to product/service consideration.

2) Affiliate Success – Your product is designed to meet a need, solve a problem and move your customers closer to the life of their dreams. By connecting your product to a personality or expert recognized for achievement in their field, your product is immediately identifiable as essential and effective.

3) Increase Recall – With the average person bombarded daily with images and marketing messages, a celebrity endorsement raises your product above the crowd. Familiarity and positive response are increased through a well-thought-out positioning of product and endorsement.

4) Attribute Benefits – When you connect a celebrity to your product, you benefit from the positive character attributes associated with that personality including stability, integrity, and success. You can maximize your marketing significantly by associating what your customers know – the personality and characteristics of the celebrity with a previously unknown product to effectively solidify your position.

5) Establish Rapport – The recommendation of a trusted friend is universally recognized as a powerful marketing tool. By linking your product to someone already considered a friend and role model, your brand is propelled towards success.

6) Motivate Action – In the series of decisions associated with a purchase, a celebrity endorsement can tip the scale towards action through circumventing perceived obstacles, associating a successful outcome and inspiring a purchase decision.

7) Inspire Trust – By positioning your product with a celebrity endorsement, you tap into the power of an established track record of success and the perception of longevity.

Harness the Power of the Right Celebrity Endorsement

Your partnership with DRTV provides a strategic alliance with Kevin Harrington who is instantly recognizable across demographic divisions as a highly successful entrepreneur with a solid track record of excellence. His expertise in product development, design, and launch coupled with his proven success in infomercial production culminated with the honor of a Lifetime Achievement award at the Moxie Gala in 2012.

With 500+ product launches and 5 billion dollars in global sales, Kevin’s customized introduction of your product/service propels your marketing to unparalleled heights. Learn more about Kevin Harrington and AsSeenOnTV.pro here.