Welcoming Bill Barlow and Mike Locker to the Innovators Think Tank Advisory Board Panel

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“Think Tank Advisory Board Panel Introduces Two New Members”

The Innovators Think Tank Advisory Board Panel is pleased to announce the addition of two new members for 2019. They bring their expertise to the board’s already wide experience and will be a great asset to clients looking for assistance in finding their motivation and inspiration, product development, and appropriate launch strategies. You can find more information about them, their achievements, and the value they bring to the advisory board below.

Bill Barlow, Famous Discoveries – Strategic Product and Branding Specialist

Bill Barlow has worked in each and every aspect of product development and launches for over twenty-five years. Through this experience, he has developed marketing strategies that maximize reward while minimizing risk. His unique leveraging, combined with a worldwide network of business contacts, has made almost four billion dollars in retail sales. Bill’s insights into marketing have led him to sell products in every country in the world with access to TV shopping networks, resulting in global recognition and ever-increasing sales. Between his successful approach to making sales and talent for global expansion, he’s proven himself an incredible asset to businesses looking to take the next step in their own growth. Bill is also the founder of Famous Discoveries, a company that specializes in identifying the strengths of a product or brand and building marketing strategies around those strengths. Famous Discoveries aims to optimize products so that they can better appeal to customers, bringing greater value to the product, the customers, and the brand itself. They have specialized methods of finding what isn’t working and fixing the issue at low cost.

Mike Locker, Locker Innovations – Senior Vice President

For over two decades, Locker Innovations has been a leading consulting and development firm helping entrepreneurs assess all aspects of their products. They also help bring new products and services to market, focusing on the key questions that can make or break success. They are a full-service firm, offering help in consulting and planning, product design and development, prototyping, manufacturing, and planning product launches. And with his experience in all areas of product creation and sales, Mike has succeeded in helping entrepreneurs around the world break into the market with as much preparation and knowledge as possible. In the last ten years alone, Mike has played a pivotal role in developing a retail distribution plan with Walmart that resulted in over eighty-million dollars in sales revenue. Through his experience, partnerships, and reputation, Mike has also helped develop a currently active Amazon sales channel in ten countries (with plans to expand into more in the near future).  

With their unique talents and proven success, both Bill and Mike will bolster the advisory board’s skills and reputation as we continue to empower entrepreneurs and bring more incredible products to market. Clients can be confident that the guidance they’re given comes from years of hands-on experience that has earned accolades and recognition. We look forward to working alongside them for years to come.