We Create Compelling, Results Driven DRTV/ BRTV Campaigns

All DRTV/ BRTV media campaigns produced are collaborative endeavors between our participant company, either product or service based, and our studio’s expert staff. Our experienced creative team will expedite everything from script to screen. Each spot produced takes on the personality of the organization we’re working with to remain consistent with your branding and marketing strategies. Our team will gather information regarding: the problem and solution, your product and/or service's key features and benefits and the target market. Our scriptwriters utilize these details to develop creative storyboards to yield results. The DRTV/ BRTV commercial spots are then produced. Kevin Harrington films a customized introduction of the product and/or service adding instant celebrity credibility, which builds brand awareness and equity. A strategic alliance with Kevin Harrington positions you for success, similar to his previous 500+ product launches and 5 billion dollars in global sales.

What happens after the approved final edit of the spots? We have well-established relationships with the top cable television networks and the media buying power to reach mass audiences and drive sales. Our Media Specialist works with our participants to target the most appropriate demographic. We provide two checklists: a cable network checklist and a market (city-by-city) checklist. Together, we determine the best media placement for the spots.

But wait, there’s more – the DRTV/ BRTV campaign extends beyond the mass appeal of television. Upon airing completion, we feature a spot from each campaign on the e-Commerce section of our website. We encourage our participants to leverage their exposure with Kevin Harrington by incorporating the As Seen On TV logo on their product packaging, website and the implementation of all other branding and marketing strategies. We issue the licensing rights to the produced spots to repurpose and rebroadcast. Video content is king online and works well with social media, creating a strong online presence.

Kevin enjoys meeting our participants and discussing their product and services, during one-on-one meetings, at our quarterly Innovators Think Tank event. This amazing opportunity is made possible by Kevin and his team through AsSeenOnTV.pro.

As Kevin’s dear friend Daymond John states, “I value an entrepreneur I can get behind and trust, because I know they are attempting to move forward in life.” – Daymond John