White Sands Success Story

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Dear Lisa,

In 2019, White Sands was celebrating it’s 25th year in business and one of the things White Sands wanted to accomplish as a company goal was to increase our distribution channels into areas we have not covered in the past. Are biggest problem in moving forward with this plan was we had no experience in that channel, so our approach was to try and find a company to partner with that had the necessary knowledge and experience. It was serendipitous that AsSeenOnTV.pro contacted us about the same time so we did our due diligence and decided to try and partner with them on this new approach.

One of White Sands team members was fortunate enough to be on site when our commercial was being produced, the attention to detail was excellent and the capability to have input into the commercial was key for White Sands. We have run the commercial in regional areas using additional AsSeeOnTV.pro resources to setup times, TV stations, programs, and the analytics for measuring the audience you are attracting.

Another area that White Sands participated in was THINK TANK!! This is a good experience for knowledgeable sales and business personnel and for beginners. These industry leaders will help you in many areas of business with specific strategies so you can take your company to new levels of greatness. We left there with contacts to grow our business.

Through one of the advisory board contacts that we made; we have been able to start negotiations with a major player in our targeted channel. If this effort pans out White Sands will have expanded our target channel way beyond the goals we set. We are also grateful to have the endorsement from Kevin Harrington and continue to leverage our brand with the commercial and feel that it has helped give us more credibility.

I would highly recommend anyone who wants to grow their business to take the opportunity with the AsSeenOnTV.pro team. It is not every day that an opportunity comes your way to get such a concentrated dose of time with experienced and successful businesspeople.
We look forward to continuing our partnership as we grow and evolve. 

Donald Stone
Chief Operating Officer
White Sands Hair Care Inc