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What is Brand Response TV (BRTV)?

BRTV integrates the advantages of brand advertising with the responsibility of Direct Response TV (DRTV). BRTV is dependent upon the influence of brand benefits to increase customer sales. There are many benefits to using BRTV marketing. Some of the benefits include an increase in the company's sales, lead generation and capture, maximizing traffic to the company's website or retail site, and growing brands through influential communications. Instead of promoting a company’s specific product, the goal is to extend the brand out and into the minds of the targeted audience. It is designed to help customers think of a certain brand when they are out shopping for a product of that type. Our company builds brand equity through Omni-channel marketing campaigns. BRTV encourages an emotional connection between the brand and the consumer. All in all, BRTV marketing contributes to building a company’s brand recognition and increasing product sales.

Companies who have benefited from Brand Response

Many companies have discovered the benefits of BRTV. Companies like Vonage, Airbnb, United Healthcare, Adidas, Bose, and many more. These brands have been successful at adapting to the trend of BRTV marketing. Companies that have embarked on BRTV campaigns have increased lead capture and traffic to their websites and retail stores while building brand equity at a significantly lower cost of producing a brand commercial.

Key benefits:

1. BRTV allows brands to connect with their consumers in a variety of ways that traditional methods can’t touch. Simply put, BRTV allows for the tracking of results from sales, evaluating advertising messages and other important campaign pieces. Companies can form immediate connections with their buyers through the collection of consumer data.

2. BRTV can attract buyers and influence them to act by either visiting the company’s website or examining the company's product when featured at retail. Video content is king and video marketing provides an attractive, versatile, and effective shareable medium to reach audiences. A 60 second BRTV spot has the ability to increase product awareness and grab the viewer's attention by persuading the consumer to act. BRTV campaigns create an influential sales environment that can be leveraged and distributed in a variety of ways.

3. BRTV provides a platform for companies to tell their story. Many successful companies utilize 60 second spots to educate consumers on their brand. By using BRTV, buyers can learn about the problems the company's product aims to solve and the different features and benefits of the product. Consumers can witness the product in action and make their buying decision comfortably. The consumer can choose to buy the company's product on the website or at a retail store. Market research has found that knowing a company's story increases the chances of the consumer buying the product and remembering the company's brand.

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75 Million people in the U.S. watch online videos everyday
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Merely mentioning the word 'video' in an email subject line, the click-through rate increased by 13%
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Nearly 50% of all video is watched on a mobile device
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By 2019, internet video traffic will account for 80% of all consumer internet traffic