• The name says it all: Kevin Harrington.  Responsible for over $5 billion dollars in product sales worldwide, he will be the name behind your campaign, as well as give you a product evaluation to better your business moving forward.
  • As a company, we have nearly 20 years in television production, including both short form and long form programming.  Housing all the production elements in our state-of-the-art studio allows us to streamline the process, ensuring we complete projects on time and on budget.
  • Our relationships in the broadcasting industry and our history of producing high quality television spots allow us to place your DRTV campaign in front of the best target audience geographically, demographically and by television network.
  • As DR Marketers, we have developed an integrated omnichannel DR marketing campaign to support the television exposure.
  • Giving our clients the rights to reutilize the end product we put together allows them another avenue to reach potential audiences and drive sales and interest.
  • Television is still the most powerful medium, over any other form of advertising. The average American watches 35.6 hours of TV/week, or close to the equivalent of a full-time job, and most U.S. households have 3 or more televisions. There are typically at least 2.5 persons in each Household


How did you find our company?

Kevin Harrington likes to keep his finger on the pulse of products/services in the market. Based off our editorial calendar, we utilize online resources, trade shows, articles and press releases…really, a number of different things. Then we have these conversations to dig deeper and see if companies may potentially meet our DRTV criteria.

How do we secure network airtime?

We purchase airtime through a nationally recognized media buyer who secures our DRTV Spots weeks in advance. We secure commercial spots from the cable providers, networks and/or other media sellers in many of the top markets around the country.  We have no direct affiliation with the networks on which we airs.

Outside the Scheduling fee, does the participant incur any additional cost?

No, the scheduling fee is the only financial responsibility of the participant.

When will I receive a copy of the DRTV spots?

A copy of the DRTV Spots will be sent to you following the editing process. At this time you will own complete licensing rights.

What are my participant requirements?

The Producer assigned to your DRTV Campaign as well as a Production Coordinator will assist you with the following items:

  1. Processing the Participation Agreement
  2. Preliminary scheduling
  3. Completion of Product Information Form
  4. Providing appropriate information such as product photos, brochures, sales materials, samples, print advertising, logos, and URL address
  5. Processing the scheduling fee
  6. Provide details on product spokesperson (if applicable)